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Horse Trekking – Experience the beauty of Waiheke Island on horse-back

Our Team

Rire – Guide

Rire (Pronounced Ria) grew up on Waiheke. She knows the island like the back of her hand. She not only has a strong history with Waiheke, but has had a long-standing love affair with horses. She had her first pony at the age of 7, and learnt to ride at the famous Shepard’s Point Riding Centre with the late, and well respected Mary Richards. She went on to complete Pony Club Certificate D, C and C+, and enjoyed an action packed eventing life in her teenage years in Canterbury. Now after years of traveling, she has settled down in Waiheke and just loves to be with the horses, making any excuse to get out on a ride.

Our Horses



Shaman is our star. She’s a quiet and sensible 15.3hh Clydesdale X Mare. She has featured in a number of films including ‘The Hobbit’. (Ridden by Thorin – Actor Richard Armitage) and other films sucvh as 10,000 BC and The Warriors Way.

Karina breed Shaman, so they have been together since Shaman was born.
Shaman is well trained and offers a lovely ride for the absolute beginner rider to the experienced rider. Who likes a schooled horse? 



His name says it all! Doofus is a character. He’s a lovely 16hh American Saddle-Bred cross gelding. Doofus was also featured in ‘The Hobbit’ as one of the dwarf horses. He is a sensible and well-schooled horse. He loves getting out and about and is happy to carry a rider of any ability.



Tigger is a 14.2hh Gelding and he is a Kaimanawa Horse. The Kaimanawa Horses are a population of wild horses in New Zealand and are decended from domestic horses released in the 19th and 20th centuries. They are known to be a hardy and quiet breed. Karina bought Tigger from the Kaimanawa Muster as a weanling foal. Tigger was also a Dwarf horse featured in ‘The Hobbit’. Tigger is a lovely natured little horse who fancies him self as a leader! He is well trained and lovely to ride.



Gyspy is a16hh Gisborne Bred mare. Karina has also had Gyspy from a foal, so they have a special relationship.

Gyspy appeared in ‘The Hobbit’ film. She is a forward moving bold horse and not for the faint hearted! She is the V8 of horses and only for our guides to ride.

She is a lovely natured sensible horse but requires a knowledgeable experienced rider.



Shine (Shaman’s daughter) is a beautiful quiet natured young mare. She is sensible and takes everything in her stride and stands over 16hh. Nothing fazes her! Shine is half Percheron crossed with Clydesdale and Standard-Bred, a horse with a huge potential. We love her!



Mercedes on the left with Zelda on the right out for a ride.

Mercedes is a 15hh Appaloosa Mare. You cannot get sweeter or safer!
She is a lovely bomb-proof horse that loves the water and swimming in the summer. We think she might have gills.


Zelda Waiheke Horse Worx

 Zelda is a sweet natured 15hh Gizborne Bred Mare. She is a safe, sensible, and well-mannered little lady and is pretty unflappable. Zelda was a one of the remaining riding horses from Shepherds Point Riding Centre so she knows her stuff!



Romany is also from Shepherds Point Riding Centre, so has experience under her belt! She’s a solid 15hh Gisborne Bred Mare. Romany is forward-moving and loves getting out and about. She makes the perfect lead-horse, but will also be well mannered with any level of rider.



Rango is our baby! He is the youngest on the farm, and is Gypsy’s foal and not yet used for trekking. He is in training having been started under saddle.  Rango is a sweet natured gelding and not such a little guy… He is just 2 years old and already a solid framed 15.2hh. He will be a big boy! Rango is half Percheron crossed with Gisborne bred.




Gideon is 12hh pure Welsh Mountain Pony Gelding. Gideon featured in ‘The Hobbit’ as the small scale double for Bilbo’s pony. Gideon is one of our children’s pony’s and he is clever, quiet and suitable for a child to ride. Gideon sometimes accompanies us out on treks and keeps up with the big horses as if he is one of them!



Cheyenne is a 13hh Welsh Pony Mare. She is a lovely quiet pony ridden by our children. Cheyenne sometimes comes out on treks and loves giving kids pony rides.



Chester is the smallest equine on the farm, however he has the biggest attitude!  Chester is a miniature pony gelding and does not think he is small. He will boldly try and pinch food from the big horses. The big horses are all incredibly tolerant!

Chester is not a riding pony but sometimes gives small children lead rein rides. 




 Fred is a large Anglo Nubian goat. He featured in ‘The Hobbit –  The Desolation of Smaug’ film and can be clearly viewed in Beorn’s House.



Rocket is a Arapawa wether Sheep (nurtured male). He is often mistaken for a goat because of his impressive horns. He close to 5 years old and was raised by Karina on ‘The Hobbit’ farm. Rocket is in The Hobbit ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ film as well. Rocket is a real character; he likes to cause mischief and is generally into every thing. We have to watch him as he like to chase cars and if a car door is left open he will happily jump in the back seat!

Sweet Pea


Sweet pea is a large white sow pig! She is about 4.5 years old and was raised by Karina. She is pet and always looking for a scratch on the belly!  Sweet Pea was born on ‘The Hobbit’ farm and appeared on set during filming.

 Rocket and Sweet Pea were raised together and are quite inseparable. Fred is now tightly part of this funny little herd and these 3 odd companions spend all of their time together…



Precious is a very sweet natured affectionate miniature Kunekune pig.
She is full-grown but nowhere near the size of Sweet Pea. Precious spends most of her time resting and enjoys eating and sleeping before she needs another rest!

Karina raised precious along side dog Pixie. They like to nap together and Pixie often grooms Precious from head to toe while Precious rests from her busy schedule.

Pixie, Misty and Eywa


These dogs are the welcoming committee to any visitors!
Pixie and Misty are Samoyed Cross Border Collie and belong to Karina while Eywa is a white Shepard and is Karyn’s dog.  
They are all lovely natured friendly dogs who like to great our guests!