Waananga – Equine Assisted Learning on Waiheke

Waananga Means “to meet and discuss, deliberate, consider in Maori.

A two day program of enquire assisted learning for kids between the ages of 14 – 24 dedicated to bringing awareness things like youth suicide prevention and cybre bullying in our communities.

The aim is to build awareness so youth can help others in need, and identify the signs when things go wrong, by knowing where to get help.

With the help of our horses and ponies, we teach youth self enquiry and how to be aware of their thoughts and how to control them empowering positive choices.

Horses are wonderful teachers, allowing us to learn self awareness, confidence, self-esteem, emotional awareness and how our energy (or vibration) and body language effects the energy and emotional state of the horse. Horses are hyper sensitive and are incredibly intuitive. Horses are our mirrors!

Here are a collection of stunning images from our last group who got to experience a 2 day work shop  which also included all aspects or catching the horses, feeding, grooming, taking up, riding and cleaning up.  A beautiful day out!

Waiheke Horseworx is developing this workshop to offer to other similar organisations. Please get in touch if you wish to know more!

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